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#mochat 184 – Ripoff vs Inspiration

At this #mochat we started talking about Internet culture and confusing ease of stealing with permission. Often inexperienced motion designers copy to learn but post their plagiarism online and without attribution, claiming original work. The problem didn’t come out of… Continue Reading →

#mochat 183 – Communities

Motion design is fortunate enough to offer many community options. For this week’s chat, we talked about those communities, what we get out of them, and what’s missing. Online communities mentioned include Motion Design Artists Slack, mograph.net, mixed.parts, and Creative COW among others. Each… Continue Reading →

Summer Break

When we started #mochat a little over 4 years ago, we had no idea where it would go. We just wanted to talk about motion design and animation. Now, over 180 chats later, we’re going to take a break for… Continue Reading →

#mochat 181 – Film Titles

This week on #mochat, we talk film & TV tiles and motion design. We hit pretty much the whole range from True Detective to Powerpuff Girls to Pink Panther to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

#mochat 180 – The Little Things

On tonight’s #mochat, we cover the little things that help us get shit done. Whether it’s in After Effects, Cinema 4D, or on our desks, everyone’s got nice little tips, tricks, and hacks.

#mochat 165 – Trends & Styles

Trends and styles naturally ebb and flow in any industry, and motion design is not immune. This week on #mochat, we discussed if those trends are leading to too much similarity in the industry. The discussion stayed civil as blame… Continue Reading →

#mochat 164 – Reel Review

This week on #mochat we cover a few select reels from the community and discuss the good and not so good. In the end, we all get some great tips on how to make our own reels. This will hopefully… Continue Reading →

#mochat 163 – AE Toolbox

We each have our own “must-haves” when we sit down with After Effects. This week, we cover what those essentials are and what we wish was available. Surprisingly (or maybe not), scripts far outnumbered plugins for getting work done in… Continue Reading →

#mochat 162 – Keyframes or Simulations?

This week on #mochat we talked about keyframing and simulations. Some people definitely leaned more heavily one way or the other, but many have used both. Some available simulation plugins/software includes Newton, Particular, CC Particle World (comes with AE), MoDynamics… Continue Reading →

#mochat 161 – Kicking Off 2016

The first #mochat of 2016! This week we talk about our goals and plans for the year, and how we can hopefully get them all done. There were lots of goals, but some common ones included making time for personal… Continue Reading →

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