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Paul Conigliaro

#mochat 159 – Negotiating with Clients

Working out all the details with clients can sometimes be tricky. We discuss contracts, money negotiations , and more.

#mochat 158 – Failing

Face it: you’ve failed. If you haven’t, you’re probably doing something wrong. This week on #mochat, we talk failure, how to handle it, and what to learn from it.

#mochat 157 – Teams

This week on #mochat we talk about working in teams. From tips on making it work to how it can help you grow.

#mochat 156 – Tutorials

There’s a lot of tutorials out there. We talk about how to weed out the bad ones, and the best ways to learn from the good ones.

#mochat 155 – Downtime

What are the best ways to spend your downtime, whether it’s between gigs, after hours, or even just waiting for a render.

#mochat 154 – Criticism

Getting (or giving) helpful criticism for creative projects isn’t always easy. We talk about our pet peeves on both ends, and how to make the most out of constructive feedback.

#mochat 153 – Mograph Book Club

What are the best books to have in your motion design or animation tool kit? We share what’s on our shelves and what’s on our wish lists this week on #mochat.

#mochat 152 – Career Progression

As a motion designer, there’s no typical career path. Some come from film/video editing, others from illustration. Some will move on to creative direction or art direction, many will be key framing for as long as possible. Read on for… Continue Reading →

#mochat 128 – After Effects CC2015

This week on #mochat we talked with #TeamAdobe about the upcoming release of After Effects CC2015 and the new Character Animator. Todd Kopriva posted this extensive list of everything new and changed. Some of the highlights discussed during the chat: Separated… Continue Reading →

#mochat 125 – Photorealism

Working towards photorealism can be very difficult. This week on #mochat, we discussed what can help you get there. Some of the biggest obstacles to overcome are texturing (especially imperfections and reflection), lighting, and render times.  Using Global Illumination and Ambient… Continue Reading →


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