This week on #mochat we talked with #TeamAdobe about the upcoming release of After Effects CC2015 and the new Character Animator. Todd Kopriva posted this extensive list of everything new and changed. Some of the highlights discussed during the chat:

  • Separated render & UI threads for better interface responsiveness and performance
  • Integrated facial tracking based on Character Animator technology
  • New Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Expression errors show up in banner, not a popup window
  • Character Animator uses 3D facial tracking applied to 2D characters
  • Character Animator uses databases to keep track of each action, eliminating save/auto-save completely (possibly coming to AE sometime eventually)
  • Adobe buying The Foundry is just a rumor
  • @MdSienzant is rumored to be naming his next born with an After Effects theme

Read on for the full transcript and more info…