We each have our own “must-haves” when we sit down with After Effects. This week, we cover what those essentials are and what we wish was available. Surprisingly (or maybe not), scripts far outnumbered plugins for getting work done in AE. Read on for the list of everything mentioned as well as the full transcript.

Tools Mentioned

Particular/Trapcode US$999/$399
Plexus US$200

BG Renderer Pro/Basic US$15/$35
Buttcapper Free
Connect Layers US$40*
Duik Free
EaseCopy US$15*
Explode Shape Layers US$30
ft-toolbar US$40
GifGun US$30
Hypoly Golden Ratio Free
Keysmith US$30*
Layer Stalker US$25
Kinda Sorta Free
Motion v2 US$35
Ray Dynamic Color US$25
Rift US$30*
Rubber Hose US$45
True Comp Duplicator US$25*

*Name Your Own Price