Last night on #mochat, Ryan Summers (Imaginary Forces) was kind enough to come out and answer your questions, and giveaway a term of FXPHD—congrats Dino!. The talk ranged from technical (favorite software/plugins) to inspiration and advice.

Some highlighted quotes from Ryan:

 Being an artist isn’t a dirty word, and that it means hard work, collaboration, and always sharing what you’ve learned.

There must be a [VFX] union. It’s an embarrassemnt and a black mark on the VFX industry.

On bookings…

Overcommunicate. Be honest. Give yourself a first hold. Try not to double book. Don’t play companies against each other

On starting out…

If you can’t find work right away, make your own. You can always be developing your own brand in the down time.


Never stop asking questions. Always stay humble. Always be learning. Take time out when you can.


  1. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Welcome to #mochat everyone! Tonight we’re having a Q&A with @Oddernod.

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    Late to the party. What’s the topic this week? #mochat

  3. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    At the end of tonight’s #mochat, there’ll be a drawing for a term of @fxphd! So be sure to participate.

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  5. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @MicheleYamazaki we are talking to @Oddernod about everything awesome #mochat

  6. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    Boom, I’m here! What did I miss? #mochat

  7. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod its over Ryan, go home.. you’re drunk #mochat

  8. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @Oddernod tell us everything! #mochat

  9. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    my first Q will be.. Damn how can #oddernod be anymore awesome? He’s the coolest, nicest, mini-golfingest, room-sharing dude I know. #mochat

  10. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    This is a pretty open Q&A, so fire away at @Oddernod. If it gets too crazy we’ll start moderating. But we should be fine. #mochat

  11. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @rovino @Oddernod you weren’t so bad at mini golf yourself you sexy beast #mochat

  12. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @RagingClaw @Oddernod Charles is the homeless guy just here for the free soup. #mochat

  13. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @rovino bueller bueller bueller … Trevino … check #mochat

  14. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Welcome to #mochat everyone! Tonight we’re having a Q&A with @Oddernod.

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  15. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @eyedesyn @Oddernod but i brought my own wet naps so its all good #mochat

  16. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    Before we get going, my background: website: | blog: | Hockey, Hellboy, and orange #mochat

  17. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod well there go my questions. #mochat

  18. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @MotionChat @oddernod Regarding Pacific Rim (& other) how do you find you handle shorter than ideal deadlines? Flesh out ideas, etc #mochat

  19. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @Oddernod what’s the biggest “Eureka!” moment in your career so far, found a tip, trick, philosophy that changed the way you work? #mochat

  20. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @MDSienzant @oddernod Isn’t that the topic of his @fxphd course? #mochat

  21. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    I’ve been working at Imaginary Forces for little while, before that I did podcasts, short form docos, and worked on slot machines #mochat

  22. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @Oddernod Orange eh? Orange and black? 😉 I’m still bitter about Blackhawks taking us in 6 games. #mochat

  23. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Oddernod Slot machines? As in making them or you have a gambling problem? #mochat

  24. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @MDSienzant Always design to the brief – and that means client, schedule, and budget #mochat

  25. Dave Glanz@daveglanz

    @Oddernod what’s the story behind your twitter handle? 🙂 #mochat

  26. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @conigs @oddernod @fxphd …. shhhhhh… maybe Ryan won’t remember that 😉 #mochat

  27. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod who were/are your inspirations? #mochat

  28. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @eyedesyn being an artist isn’t a dirty word, and that it means hard work, collaboration, and always sharing what you’ve learned #mochat

  29. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod || what was the first piece of motion/vfx you saw, that made you passionate about making this your career? #mochat

  30. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @Oddernod waitaminute…were you part of PixelCorps back in the day? #mochat

  31. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @MDSienzant I would say I’m sorry about that, but I’m not 😉 #mochat

  32. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @conigs @Oddernod agh you missed all that. yeah, Ryan had a gambling problem. @eyedesyn @rovino and myself kept him clean at NAB #mochat

  33. Cameron Leahy@cleahy43

    @oddernod Whats your advice for recent graduates looking for a full-time job in motion graphics? #mochat

  34. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @conigs Making them. #mochat

  35. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @daveglanz Something from a comic book I made back in high school #mochat

  36. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @Oddernod We’ll get our revenge… one decade 😉 #mochat

  37. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @conigs He told me a rather interesting slot machine story involving a little old lady.. 8) #mochat

  38. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Mike Mignola, Glen Keane, Jamie Hewlett, Kyle Cooper, Spielberg, Edgar Wright, Bruce Springsteen, Disney #mochat

  39. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @timmy_allen MK12, the Gorillaz, and Happiness Factory from Psyop #mochat

  40. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod || this was a huge one for me. actually kinda blown away still after rewatching it.…

  41. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @timmy_allen And before that, Jurassic Park and Toy Story. I’d always loved animation but I didnt think I could be an artist #mochat

  42. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod favorite video games #mochat

  43. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod || all incredible! #mochat

  44. Dave Glanz@daveglanz

    @Oddernod good choice with Springsteen 🙂 You might like The National if you’re a fan of Bruce. #mochat

  45. Dino Muhic@DinoMFX

    @Oddernod how much creative freedom do you have in your feature film projects and are you happy with it? #mochat

  46. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @eyedesyn Yep! #mochat

  47. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino Thats a story to tell in person, only. #mochat

  48. Tim Stotz@tim_stotz

    @Oddernod When was the last time you logged into the DV Rebel’s Guide Forum? #mochat

  49. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @RagingClaw @oddernod follow up: favorite food or guilty pleasure food #mochat

  50. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod @timmy_allen when did you finally get the feeling or though, i could be an artist then #mochat

  51. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @cleahy43 Never stop networking, never stop learning. Always share your knowledge. Learn what you want to do and find related tasks #mochat

  52. Tim Stotz@tim_stotz

    What is your favorite renderer to use with #C4D? #mochat

  53. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod theres lots of instability in the industry right now (has been for a while). What are your thoughts on the future of this? #mochat

  54. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Halo 2, Psychonauts, Golvellius (Sega ripoff of Zelda), Team Fortress, Sonic 2, Jet Grind Radio #mochat

  55. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod how do you feel about the state of VFX/motion graphics industry? #mochat

  56. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod I’m mean in terms of layoffs and unionizing and such #mochat

  57. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @DinoMFX Sometimes a lot. GdT let us run wild on Pacific Rim. Sometimes very little. It’s always a partnership. #mochat

  58. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @Oddernod We worked together on some project on one of their teams! I remember a sick Chinese dragon you made for a slot machine #mochat

  59. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @tim_stotz I just bought it so I could shut it down. #mochat

  60. Matthew Butler@butlerm_com

    @Oddernod favorite plugin for AE? Favorite for #c4d? #mochat

  61. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @tim_stotz Diving hard into Octane and now that V-Ray is updated I’m ready for it as well. #mochat

  62. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    @Oddernod Did you go to school to learn VFX/Animation? If you did, what school did you go to? Any advice on choosing schools? #mochat

  63. Handel Eugene@handel_eugene

    Ha, talk about Rapid Fire. #mochat

  64. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    My question.. Do you know what “work life balance” means? You are always working when and how do you get rest, without burning out? #mochat

  65. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio Very excited about motion graphics as the definition is ever-expanding. VFX is frustrating & disappointing biz-wise… #mochat

  66. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @rovino @oddernod I second that. It’s actually the (repeat) topic of another chat coming up. #mochat

  67. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio …but work-wise it’s never been better. GRAVITY was mind-blowing and it was a thrill to see Framestore listed so high #mochat

  68. Dino Muhic@DinoMFX

    What’s more fun for you to work on? Feature films or commercials/motion graphics/other kinds of projects? So #mograph or #vfx? #mochat

  69. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod what are you wearing? #mochat #askRyanAnything

  70. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw There must be a union. It’s an embarrassemnt and a black mark on the VFX industry #mochat

  71. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw There must be a union. It’s an embarrassemnt and a black mark on the VFX industry #mochat

    Retweeted by Charles Rowland
  72. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @Oddernod what do you do to decompress/refuel creativity? Do you disconnect from the computer for extended weekends or daily hobbies #mochat

  73. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @eyedesyn That was on my reel for so long! #mochat

  74. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod what are you wearing? #mochat #askRyanAnything

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  75. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @butlerm_com AE? Trapcode Particular. C4D? Magic Solo – because it’s stupid C4D doesn’t have the functionality built in #mochat

  76. Tim Stotz@tim_stotz

    Do you find VRay handles animation and mesh deformation well? #mochat

  77. Dave Glanz@daveglanz

    @oddernod okay a serious question: thoughts on aging gracefully in this industry? Figuring that out myself these days. #mochat

  78. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @Oddernod @mrmikeflorio whats the story about Framestore being listed so high? Awesome to see, hope its a recurring thing in movies #mochat

  79. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Nando_Penafiel I did – it was awful. Chicago branch of AI Int’l. Save your money, buy a rig & get your tools. Go to school online #mochat

  80. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @oddernod What’s one project you’ll never forget? And what’s one you wish you could forget? #mochat

  81. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino It’s easier when you love what you do. I draw, write, shoot, edit, and animate when I’m not working. They blur together. #mochat

  82. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @daveglanz @oddernod Good one. I keep thinking about that. Stay a mograph jockey, work towards producer/director/art director/cd? #mochat

  83. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Whatever you want me to. #mochat

  84. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod nooooooooooooooooothing! #mochat #gettingTheButter

  85. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @MDSienzant i try to have a wide group of friends. Get events down on a calendar that you won’t sacrifice. Write. Draw. Daydream. #mochat

  86. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @DinoMFX Variety is the best. That’s why I’m so lucky at Imaginary Forces. #mochat

  87. Cameron Leahy@cleahy43

    @oddernod what kind of rig do you suggest? #mochat

  88. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @tim_stotz Need to play with it more. #mochat

  89. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @daveglanz don’t know many over 40 that haven’t moved on to running their own shops or slowing down. I worry about it all the time #mochat

  90. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    What do you shave you’re head with, to keep it so nice and shiny? electric razor or old school blade? gel, balm, or cream? #mochat

  91. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @eyedesyn They were the HQ for the job, all work went thru their office. Producer & director based their too. #mochat

  92. Dave Glanz@daveglanz

    @conigs @oddernod 3 years from 40, it’s kinda why I’m sticking to working on my own. Only reason I’ve slowed down is for the baby. #mochat

  93. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod || of everything you’ve had your hands on, what are you the most proud of? maybe ’cause of look, but maybe just experience #mochat

  94. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    @Oddernod Ok. I’ve been trying to figure out if I should go or not. I’ve been looking into things like fxphd and digital tutors… #mochat

  95. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @conigs @daveglanz @Oddernod are you at the point now where you don’t want to be hands on anymore? I’m nowhere close. Love it. #mochat

  96. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @conigs I’ll never forget the last one: my first directing gig, and it was character animation in C4D. I don’t remember the bad ones #mochat

  97. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @rovino @Oddernod real men use a double edged safety razor or a straight blade. get your crap together Ronn. #mochat

  98. Matthew Butler@butlerm_com

    @Oddernod thoughts on the new mac pros coming out soon? #mochat

  99. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    @Oddernod I’m just lost and trying to figure out everything I need to do. Thank You for the info! You’re a huge inspiration to me! #mochat

  100. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @RagingClaw whatever scruffy face.. #mochat

  101. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @cleahy43 Get the most grunt you can – RAM is cheap, get fastest proc you can afford, SSDs, and the most RAM-filled GPU you can find #mochat

  102. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Nando_Penafiel I went to film school, but learned most of my mograph skills on-job and thru places like FXPHD. #mochat

  103. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod Strife or Elder Scrolls. Which project did you like better #mochat

  104. Dave Glanz@daveglanz

    @Oddernod there’s a bit of a rock-star thing with mograph and web design. Would love to see that dissipate a bit. #mochat

  105. danny princz@rendernyc

    @Nando_Penafiel @Oddernod @fxphd classes made a huge difference in my career. Worth every minute spent and every penny #mochat

  106. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    wow it’s been a while since I’ve made it here #mochat

  107. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod and never mind you just answered that. #mochat

  108. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino Old school blade, every two days. #mochat

  109. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @nrogers Welcome Nathan! #mochat

  110. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @daveglanz @conigs @oddernod Family balance is super important. Like Paul said, a future chat but we all strive for that equilibrium #mochat

  111. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @rovino the ladies love my scruff #mochat

  112. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @butlerm_com Wait for the second round. Never forget what they did to Shake and Final Cut. #mochat

  113. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @RagingClaw ummm it doesnt count when one of those ladies is your daughter. 8P #mochat

  114. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @timmy_allen Strife – best team, craziest turnaround, and we learned and proved the most. #mochat

  115. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @rovino sure it does! #mochat

  116. danny princz@rendernyc

    @Oddernod: @butlerm_com Wait for the second round. Never forget what they did to Shake and Final Cut. #mochat” what if there is no 2nd? 🙂

  117. Jesse Averna@Dr0id

    @Oddernod @conigs what’s your favorite app of choice? #mochat

  118. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Nando_Penafiel I’m biased but @fxphd is why I’m where I am at currently. #mochat

  119. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Nando_Penafiel I’m biased but @fxphd is why I’m where I am at currently. #mochat

    Retweeted by Jesse Averna
  120. Glen Faught@DigiWich

    @Oddernod A little late, sorry if this was asked already – What do you do to keep yourself motivated during or in between projects? #mochat

  121. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    @rendernyc @Oddernod Ok great! I have to look into @fxphd a lot more now! Thank You so much! #mochat

  122. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @DigiWich @Oddernod your mom #mochat

  123. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @eyedesyn It’s constant struggle for new art directors. I feel my strength is my art AND my technical knowledge. Its always balance #mochat

  124. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Nando_Penafiel I’m biased but @fxphd is why I’m where I am at currently. #mochat

    Retweeted by Nando Penafiel
  125. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @DigiWich @Oddernod no seriously, he draws and stuff. >_< #mochat

  126. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Nando_Penafiel Thanks man – always ask me questions! #mochat

  127. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    for those who dont know wheres the class he’s teaching MOG212: Production Tested Mograph: How to Work Fast and Flexible Ryan Summers #mochat

  128. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Nando_Penafiel I went to film school, but learned most of my mograph skills on-job and thru places like FXPHD. #mochat

    Retweeted by Nando Penafiel
  129. Josh Johnson@VFXdaily

    @DinoMFX variety is certainly nice. Personally, I prefer VFX work that allows me to utilize 3D and 2D. #mochat

  130. Cameron Leahy@cleahy43

    @oddernod you guys need interns over there? #mochat

  131. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @nrogers good to see you again! #mochat

  132. willsummers@willsummers

    @Oddernod Do you see Art Direction as the next logical step for a mograph artist? #mochat

  133. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Dr0id Cinema 4D. Hands down. Glad I left 3DS Max. #mochat

  134. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod @nrogers @rovino @eyedesyn its like old times!!! OH THE MEMORIES! #mochat

  135. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @oddernod do you think that people who only know the technical side can hang in this industry ? #mochat

  136. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @DigiWich Drawing, reading, watching movies & TV. Meeting as many other artists as possible. Getting outside if I can. #mochat

  137. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod how do you feel about the state of VFX/motion graphics industry? #mochat

    Retweeted by VFX Tipping Point
  138. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod what is your favorite podcast #mochat

  139. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @mrmikeflorio @oddernod I have so many opinions about that. But this isn’t #askpaulanything… 🙂 #mochat

  140. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @cleahy43 Always. #mochat

  141. Handel Eugene@handel_eugene

    @Oddernod How many people do you guys have on staff vs freelance at IF? #mochat

  142. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @daveglanz Because there are people who don’t know how things are made. That will change. Too much info flowing around. #mochat

  143. Dave Glanz@daveglanz

    @RagingClaw @oddernod on that note, great work on the Visual Story podcast. Love that one! cc @paulzadie #mochat

  144. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod what is something you know now, that you wished you knew when you were starting out #mochat

  145. Dino Muhic@DinoMFX

    @Oddernod @Dr0id would you say C4D is on par with 3DS Max and Maya when it comes to the everyday feature film VFX life? #mochat

  146. Jesse Averna@Dr0id

    @Oddernod how has directing projects been? #mochat is there a fav part of the process for you?

  147. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @willsummers Definitely, but it’s not the only way to go. I want to see more artists making their own content rather than for others #mochat

  148. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @conigs @mrmikeflorio @oddernod next time! #askpaulanything #mochat

  149. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    @conigs Ok! Thanks for the info! It’s just hard trying to figure out what to do as far as learning. fxphd sounds like a great tool! #mochat

  150. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Mid-way announcement: cutoff for being entered to win FXPHD prize is 9:55PM EDT. Simply participate to enter. #mochat

  151. danny princz@rendernyc

    @RagingClaw @Oddernod How to do bookings #mochat

  152. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio Absolutely – we’re a blend between artists and scientists. We always need technical expertise. #mochat

  153. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @rendernyc @Oddernod don’t you have a bike to cut off a pole somewhere? #mochat

  154. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @mrmikeflorio @Oddernod A little self-serving, don’t you think? #mochat

  155. Miguel Lee@migwombat

    Ryan! What’s up brotha! #mochat

  156. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod @nrogers @rovino @eyedesyn its like old times!!! OH THE MEMORIES! #mochat

    Retweeted by Ronn Trevino
  157. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Visual Story, The RC, Hockey Today, Nerdist Writer’s Panel, The VFX Show, Ruining It For Everyone #mochat

  158. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @conigs @mrmikeflorio @oddernod Yes. But who cares 😉 #mochat #askpaulanything #askRyanAnything

  159. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @handel_eugene I think 15-20 staff and then upwards of another 30-40 freelance when we’re busy? #mochat

  160. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @MDSienzant @mrmikeflorio @Oddernod Ha. Alright. If you guys push me enough I’ll get one on the calendar in a couple weeks. #mochat

  161. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @Oddernod What’s the first thing you do when you start working on a new project? #mochat

  162. Matthew Butler@butlerm_com

    @Oddernod what is a project you worked on that you are most proud of? #mochat

  163. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rendernyc Overcommunicate. Be honest. Give yourself a first hold. Try not to double book. Don’t play companies against each other #mochat

  164. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @butlerm_com on the flip side what one project do you cringe from.. but got lots of airplay anyways? #mochat

  165. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    heck yeah RT @rovino @RagingClaw: @Oddernod @nrogers @rovino @eyedesyn its like old times!!! OH THE MEMORIES! #mochat

  166. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Dr0id Building the teams and constructing the story. I love the editing and previs process. And animation always. #mochat

  167. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @eyedesyn Start finding and booking the right artists. And research and reference. #mochat

  168. John Fischer@jasfish

    @Oddernod does everyone at IF work crazy hours? I wake up & see some of your tweets at crazy hours. Burnout seems inevitable. #mochat

  169. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @oddernod what is your favorite part of the process? #mochat

  170. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @butlerm_com Strife – we did a lot of things in C4D that people told us we couldn’t. #mochat

  171. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino What To Expect When You’re Expecting #mochat

  172. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @eyedesyn @oddernod || what about the 1st thing you do once you start getting into the creative process after the team is together? #mochat

  173. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @nrogers Always learning. Never getting bored. The goofy stuff that happens at the end of the night. #mochat

  174. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod @rovino || HAHAHA! what a good answer. #mochat

  175. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod too much going on lol. you might have had this one: what is your process when approaching a project #mochat

  176. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @conigs @MDSienzant @Oddernod alright you asked for it… #mochat

  177. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw @jasfish There’s a few of us that like working late. The best stuff happens then for some reason. #mochat

  178. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @Oddernod When trying to lock down a client to a specific style is it taboo to send them other studios work as inspiration? #mochat

  179. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Lots of research. Reference building. Talking through the pitch and the deliverables. #mochat

  180. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @Oddernod @RagingClaw @jasfish sleep deprivations makes you more creative, or at least that’s my excuse most of the time #mochat

  181. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod @jasfish i tend to find when I’m up too long i get even more delusional and it brings out awesome ideas #mochat

  182. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    so if we mention your name on fxphd we all get discounts?? huh? hello? right? 8) #mochat

  183. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @eyedesyn I think if it’s caveated and made clear, it can be done sparingly. More often its the other direction tbh #mochat

  184. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    Alright, we’re halfway done and you guys are slowing down. Do I have to ask you guys questions? 😉 #mochat

  185. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod was OUR rootbeer the best rootbeer? #mochat

  186. Justin Younger@JustinYounger

    @Oddernod Where do 3D babies come from?No seriously I am tired of all the 3D babies. #mochat

  187. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    What do you think are the biggest trends that they’re seeing hitting mograph shops? More 3D? Character Animation? Handcrafted stuff? #mochat

  188. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Oddernod What are you drinking right now? (if you are) #mochat

  189. Dave Glanz@daveglanz

    @Oddernod ask away! #mochat

  190. willsummers@willsummers

    How many people work on one spot at IF, and how is the work divided? #mochat

  191. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @rovino you: so i get FXPHD for free right?them: why?you: I know @Oddernod … *drops the mic* … I’ll see you bitches in class #mochat

  192. Dino Muhic@DinoMFX

    @oddernod would you say C4D is on par with 3DS Max and Maya when it comes to the everyday feature film VFX life? #mochat

  193. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @conigs Tall Starbucks Chai, caramel sauce in the cup #mochat

  194. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    @Oddernod Do you have any advice for getting a job in the industry? Do I need to just network and reach out to people? #mochat

  195. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @JustinYounger that one is almost too easy Im going to back away.. slowly.. #mochat

  196. Doug Meyer@meyerdj

    @Oddernod What apps are you currently trying or wanting to learn? #mochat

  197. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw There’s never a best root beer, only the NEXT root beer #mochat

  198. Jesse Averna@Dr0id

    @Oddernod are you seeing a trend of less shops or smaller shops? #mochat

  199. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @mrmikeflorio @rovino @Oddernod wow… put that shit on youtube when you do it #mochat

  200. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @mrmikeflorio LOL #mochat

  201. Josh Johnson@VFXdaily

    @Oddernod maybe this is been asked before but what’s the hardest lesson you have learned so far in your career? #mochat

  202. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod you bastard i thought we shared something….. #mochat

  203. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod how long do you usually have on projects and how big are your teams? #mochat

  204. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @willsummers Depends on the job – Pacific Rim was 3 people + a (paid) intern. Strife has had up to 17 people at one time. #mochat

  205. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Oddernod Are project bid on flat-rate, day-rates, or hourly rates? #mochat

  206. Justin Younger@JustinYounger

    @Oddernod @willsummers Do you think smaller teams for something like the PR job are better? #mochat

  207. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @meyerdj Turbulence FD, X-Particles, Modo, Nuke. Krakatoa soon. #mochat

  208. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod can you give us any details on anything you are currently working on? #mochat

  209. John Fischer@jasfish

    @Oddernod do studios like IF ever work with remote freelancers or is it always in-house? How did you get noticed at IF? #mochat

  210. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Nando_Penafiel If you can’t find work right away, make your own. You can always be developing your own brand in the down time. #mochat

  211. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod the biggest trend I’ve seen in shops is the step away from photo real … I think photo real is overkill on some projects #mochat

  212. Tim Stotz@tim_stotz

    What’s a good render speed up tip you love? #mochat

  213. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @oddernod the larger scale projects do you see your work from beginning all the way through to end or is more of an assembly line? #mochat

  214. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Dr0id With cloud based rendering becoming common, tools getting faster, and more work needed (mobile, event, on location) – yes. #mochat

  215. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @VFXdaily Trust your guts. Always. They’re almost always founded in some form. #mochat

  216. Shinsuke Matsumoto@beatgram

    Missed a half of the party. Today’s mochat is a bit chaos. Wooo! #mochat

  217. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio All over the place. Sometimes solo, sometimes 20. Never enough time though. #mochat

  218. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod serious question. i have a lot of (i think) great ideas but get discouraged easily bc i can’t get things right. advice? #mochat

  219. Matthew Butler@butlerm_com

    @Oddernod what is your monitor preference? Size… Brand… Number of monitors #mochat

  220. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @conigs All over the place. I stay away from budgeting besides building the teams. #mochat

  221. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @VFXdaily Trust your guts. Always. They’re almost always founded in some form. #mochat

    Retweeted by Josh Johnson
  222. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod how is your work/life balance? #mochat

  223. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Something like Strife but orders of magnitude bigger. #mochat

  224. willsummers@willsummers

    #mochat cloud based rendering is the best speed up tip but it costs money

  225. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @oddernod any personal projects you’re working on? #mochat

  226. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @tim_stotz Turn off GI. Cut Ray, Reflect, and Shadow depth by half to start. #mochat

  227. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod I’m just going to assume that its transformers 15 return of the super ultra megatron #mochat

  228. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @willsummers Make it a line item charge or overhead and send it to the client. #mochat

  229. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    How often do you crush the blacks? Srsly, how do you keep your look fresh & keep from falling back on the easy fix.. w/time crunch? #mochat

  230. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio Until this last project it was great – but that’s because we’re reaching for the stars. #mochat

  231. Shinsuke Matsumoto@beatgram

    What do you think about the mographer’s communities on #Twitter? #mochat

  232. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio Totally. Believable, not realistic is my motto as often as possible. #mochat

  233. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @jasfish We work with out of house – I’m always looking for new artists to bring to IF #mochat

  234. Tim Stotz@tim_stotz

    What kind of window layout do you have? care to share a screen shot, or the layout file? #mochat

  235. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    Thank you everyone for answering my questions! It’s been a huge help! I need all of the info i need! #mochat

  236. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @butlerm_com Two. #mochat

  237. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    About 10 more minutes for questions before we wrap up and hold the drawing. Keep the questions coming! #mochat

  238. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @rovino I think thats an experience thing. You learn workarounds that can sometimes save the day with no major work #mochat

  239. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino Sometimes you fall back on tricks to get everything to sit together – but that’s why they’re tricks. They work. #mochat

  240. Handel Eugene@handel_eugene

    @Oddernod is that Krakatoa for C4D? #mochat

  241. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod solid … ps is that a gravity homage haha #mochat

  242. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @nrogers Web comic. A TV show idea. And an animated short that I started storyboarding. #mochat

  243. Trevor@Trevitacus

    @Oddernod is killing it over at #mochat right now. Stick around after for a G+ hangout for more from this talented guy!

  244. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    RT @Oddernod @rovino Sometimes you fall back on tricks to get everything to sit together – but that’s why they’re tricks. #mochat

  245. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @beatgram Fire off a question! #mochat

  246. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @handel_eugene Yep #mochat

  247. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @Oddernod right on, your a motivated man #mochat

  248. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @beatgram I’m thrilled – they keep us moving forward. #mochat

  249. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @beatgram It’s a hell of a #mochat! welcome to it 🙂

  250. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    Let’s finish strong people! Ask me about my @fxpHd class. Ask me about cartoons. Ask me about movies! #mochat

  251. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Oddernod Favorite cartoon growing up? #mochat

  252. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    favorite cartoon now? #mochat

  253. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @conigs Batman: The Animated Series. #mochat

  254. Trevor@Trevitacus

    @MDSienzant @beatgram I am sorry I missed most of it as well. Kids and chores… Thank goodness for the transcript 🙂 #mochat

  255. Dino Muhic@DinoMFX

    @Oddernod about personal projects: are you more the ‘work on it until its perfect’ or the ‘if it aint workin, move on’ type of guy? #mochat

  256. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @Oddernod what are you putting together for @fxpHd #mochat

  257. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Oddernod Also, will there be cake at your FXPHD class? I head there’d be cake. #mochat

  258. Trevor@Trevitacus

    @Oddernod is killing it over at #mochat right now. Stick around after for a G+ hangout for more from this talented guy!

    Retweeted by danny princz
  259. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino A tie between Gravity Falls and Tron: Uprising. Upset that it was cancelled. #mochat

  260. CM Harrington@octothorpe

    @Oddernod What’s your favourite spy-genre animated show/film? #mochat

  261. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod @conigs best answer ever … samurai jack is also an acceptable 2nd round pick #mochat

  262. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    I know it was getting sooo good… #mochat

  263. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @DinoMFX Work on it until its perfect. #mochat

  264. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Trevitacus @MDZienzant @beatgram You mean I should actually post this one? 😉 #mochat

  265. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @octothorpe Loaded question: Golgo 13 and/or Aeon Flux! #mochat

  266. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod @rovino || duuuuuude! sucks so hard that tron got cancelled!! #mochat

  267. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @Oddernod Do you have a preference of 2D vs 3D? Or do you love them equally? And the variety at IF keeps it fresh? #mochat

  268. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod @rovino || duuuuuude! sucks so hard that tron got cancelled!! #mochat

    Retweeted by Ronn Trevino
  269. CM Harrington@octothorpe

    @Oddernod THAT IS CORRECT! #mochat

  270. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod is your @fxphd class beneficial to mid to senior level artists or is it more for beginners? #mochat

  271. Matthew Butler@butlerm_com

    @Oddernod top 3 all time fav movies? #mochat

  272. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @nrogers It’s about how to work faster and smarter. It will be about C4D and After Effects techniques I learned over last 12 months #mochat

  273. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio Hopefully both? #mochat

  274. Eve Tarlo@ectect

    Exporting files, and just signed on… @Oddernod favorite #protip to keep in the back pocket this week? #mochat

  275. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @butlerm_com Iron Giant. Iron Giant. Iron Giant #mochat

  276. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @beatgram @Trevitacus Don’t worry. I have plans tonight. #mochat

  277. Miguel Lee@migwombat

    @Oddernod Question: how does it feel like to get some rest? #mochat

  278. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @Oddernod Sounds useful, I’m in #mochat

  279. EJ Hassenfratz@eyedesyn

    @daveglanz @oddernod Im blown away by the work done for @buck_tv‘sSherman Williams & @framestore‘s Benjamin Moore. Paint stores! #mochat

  280. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod @butlerm_com i found a picture of Ryan’s setup #mochat

  281. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    ok thats it.. Im taking the damn class Ryan.. 8) #mochat

  282. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @ectect Never stop asking questions. Always stay humble. Always be learning. Take time out when you can. #mochat

  283. Timmy Allen@timmy_allen

    @Oddernod || any ideas for what you would like to teach next for @fxphd, or what you feel like someone should teach?#mochat

  284. William J. Meyer@robotika_org

    @Oddernod Any idea what Peter Chung is working on these days? #mochat

  285. Z∆DIΞ@PaulZadie

    @Oddernod Will your @fxphd class be a seriously down and dirty no holds barred learn-fest?oops forgot the #mochat

  286. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @migwombat I’ll tell you when I take it 😉 #mochat

  287. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod what level should a person be at to take your class? #mochat

  288. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    what was your favorite most useful fxphd class?? #mochat

  289. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod oh gnarly … I’m trying to get the bosses to pay for it regardless … I think I could learn a shitload from you #mochat

  290. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @PaulZadie Only if everyone else asks lots of questions. But hopefully it will be very project-based. Real world stuff. #mochat

  291. danny princz@rendernyc

    @Oddernod do u revisit projects after they ship for an IF version usually? Or what ships is what goes on this site? #mochat

  292. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino Anything by Tim Clapham. And all of the Background Fundamentals. And the Syntheyes courses #mochat

  293. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    @Oddernod @PaulZadie I’ll definitely be paying close attention to the forums for your class. #mochat

  294. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod also what are your thoughts on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”? … because it looks amazing #mochat

  295. willsummers@willsummers

    @Oddernod Do you have the class entirely mapped out or is there going to be a AskRyan class based on student feedback. #mochat

  296. Eve Tarlo@ectect

    Great advice 4 all @Oddernod: Never stop asking questions. Always stay humble. Always be learning. Take time out when you can. #mochat

  297. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Familiar with C4D and AE. I won’t be slowing down to teach the class where buttons are. #mochat

  298. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @Oddernod aye Tim is the man.. never took the Synth Eyes.. may have to go back and check them out. #mochat

  299. Tim Stotz@tim_stotz

    Fill in some more details about your class? What do we need to know? #mochat

  300. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rendernyc Ask @migwombat that question 🙂 #mochat

  301. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @Oddernod: Never stop asking questions. Always stay humble. Always be learning. Take time out when you can. #mochat

  302. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod good. not that that is bad, but I’m so tired of ‘this is how you push button a’ crap #mochat

  303. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio I’m mad because I hate Ben Stiller and I still want to see it. #mochat

  304. Z∆DIΞ@PaulZadie

    @conigs @Oddernod Same here. We’re going to make an interactive experience of it 😉 #mochat

  305. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @willsummers Its completely mapped out but there’s room for more. #mochat

  306. Matthew Sienzant@MDSienzant

    @Oddernod In your opinion, most overlooked VFX movie in the past decade? #mochat

  307. Matthew Butler@butlerm_com

    @Oddernod do you often like previous versions of a video before a client screws with it? (Happens to me all the time) #mochat

  308. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @RagingClaw @Oddernod from what I’ve seen the @fxphd is definitely for more advanced users #mochat

  309. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @rendernyc is it in the vault?? #mochat

  310. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @tim_stotz Check out the course info – you should be familiar with C4D and AE #mochat

  311. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @MDSienzant Gareth Edwards Monsters #mochat

  312. Doug Meyer@meyerdj

    The orientation week video on @fxphd site has a brief explanation of the @Oddernod class. #mochat

  313. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Okay everyone. Let’s let @Oddernod finish answering the questions for the night. #mochat

  314. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod its the last day of earth. you can take 1 tangible item with you to the new planet. what do you take? #mochat

  315. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    MT @butlerm_com: @Oddernod do you often like previous versions of a video before a client screws with it?… right of passage #mochat

  316. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw I’m hoping we get to be able to show multiple ways to attack some of the production problems we run into. #mochat

  317. willsummers@willsummers… Link to the FXPHD semester preview video #mochat

  318. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    In 3 minutes, we’ll release the name of the winner of the FXPHD give away. #mochat

  319. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw My Stanley Cup hockey puck. #mochat

  320. Shinsuke Matsumoto@beatgram

    What do you think about mograph industry in the future? I think the industry is just getting started. #mochat

  321. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino All the time. #mochat

  322. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    wow it’s been a nice distraction from transcribing glad I made it #mochat

  323. Charles Rowland@RagingClaw

    @Oddernod zombies attack. choose a weapon #mochat

  324. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @beatgram We’ve barely started. Look at what GMUNK just did with Bot & Dolly. #mochat

  325. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @RagingClaw Katana. #mochat

  326. Trevor@Trevitacus

    Wow! Got a full list here! But room for more I think 🙂 Come join @Oddernod post #mochat hangout! Tweet me for invites.

  327. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    C’mon – I can do more. Two minutes! #mochat

  328. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod current playlist? #mochat

  329. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @Trevitacus srsly I need to ask for an invite? 8) #mochat

  330. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    @Oddernod I was looking into fxphd and I think I understand it. Can you explain to me how it works in your words? #mochat

  331. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    NICE Job keeping up with the Q’s Ryan.. thanks for all the info & advice.. a class act as always.. #mochat

  332. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    Gaslight Anthem. Horrible Crowes. Japandroids. Ellie Goulding. Beasts of Southern Wild. Granddaddy. Caitlin Rose. White Stripes #mochat

  333. Mike Florio@mrmikeflorio

    @Oddernod Have you had a chance to use Vray 1.8 yet? If so thoughts? #mochat

  334. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @Nando_Penafiel Online school. No noise. Highly focused. Best forums in the world. Friendships for life. Inside edge to industry. #mochat

  335. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Alright everyone, that does it for the “official” #mochat, but I have a feeling @Oddernod will still answer questions.

  336. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Be sure to stick around for the after-#mochat hangout hosted by @Trevitacus, which will also feature @Oddernod.

  337. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @mrmikeflorio Dying to get to the next project so I can use it. #mochat

  338. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    whats the one plug in you wish you knew better? or at all? #mochat

  339. Paul Conigliaro@conigs

    Oh, yeah. The FXPHD giveaway… #mochat 😉

  340. Jesse Averna@Dr0id

    @MotionChat @Trevitacus @Oddernod nice #mochat

  341. Z∆DIΞ@PaulZadie

    I hate popping in at the end of a #mochat or #postchat. Feels like I missed so much.

  342. Tim Stotz@tim_stotz

    Do you enjoy doing practical effects? #mochat

  343. Trevor@Trevitacus

    @MotionChat @Oddernod Invites are up! #mochat

  344. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    And the FXPHD winner is… @DinoMFX! #mochat

  345. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    someone! someone! someone! someone! I hope its someone.. #mochat

  346. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @oddernot good #mochat, nice chatting with you and everyone else

  347. Dino Muhic@DinoMFX

    @MotionChat WOOT WOOT!!! YES!!! #mochat

  348. Nando Penafiel@Nando_Penafiel

    Thank You Everyone! I learned a lot! #mochat

  349. Nathan Rogers@nrogers

    @DinoMFX @MotionChat congrats #mochat

  350. Ryan Summers@Oddernod

    @rovino X-Particles – I’m getting there. #mochat

  351. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @DinoMFX Congrats. dude!! #mochat

  352. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Thanks for coming out everyone! This was a great #mochat. Be sure to join us next week as we talk with—and about—@AdobeAE’s new CC release!

  353. Ronn Trevino @rovino

    @Oddernod ahh yes.. good one.. #mochat

  354. Glen Faught@DigiWich

    @Oddernod Thanks for taking the time for #mochat man, I love picking other peoples brains and learning how they go about things.

  355. Dino Muhic@DinoMFX

    Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to start! #mochat

  356. Motion Chat@MotionChat

    Have a good night everyone. Now #GoMakeSomething! #mochat