Last night on #mochat, we started discussing the business side of freelance, particularly contracts. It seems several people use contracts, while others nave such relationships with clients that they’ve never felt the need for one. The general consensus was that contracts are a good idea. The benefits of a contract brought up last night:

  • Defined aspects of project up front in writing (scope, rate, revisions, deadlines, kill fees, etc.)
  • Transfer/retainment of copyright and licensing of work
  • Protects the artist from arbitrary demands/changes made by client.

There are also a few things to stay away from in contracts—or be amended to revise or remove, such as “sequential liability” (i.e., client won’t pay you until they’re paid), and payment windows/fee reductions.

We want to set up a page for freelance artists to get templates and examples of contracts and other documents/resources. So if you wish to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter at either @MotionLeague or @conigs directly. In the mean time, a couple people posted Ash Thorp’s contract templates, and Shake, a resource for free legal templates.

Read on for the full transcript…

[photo credit: Signature by LOSINPUN on flickr]