This week’s #mochat was all about those plugins & scripts that don’t necessarily get the attention they deserve. I’ve compiled all the posts into linked lists for After Effects and Cinema 4D. Full transcript follows.

After Effects

  • CC Vector Blur + particles = stringy particles (built-in)
  • qp Grade Assistant – Video scopes & more in AE ($99)
  • True Comp Duplicator – Duplicate comps and all dependent precomps ($24.99, or name your own price)
  • Transform effect – transformations pre or post effects, combined transforms, HQ scaling in CC (built-in)
  • Layer Groups 2 – Layer grouping in the timeline ($44.99)
  • Elementary – 3D layer functions like depth passes, reflections, etc. ($29.99 or name your own price)
  • Orient World – Set ground plane after tracking ($19.99 or name your own price)
  • MochaInport+ – Easily get Mocha data into AE ($39.99)
  • Save Comp As Project – Saves a composition as a stand-alone project ($12.99 or name your own price)
  • Rift – Shift, sequence, stagger, randomize layers or keyframes ($29.99 or name your own price)
  • Keysmith – manipulate multiple keyframe values ($29.99 or name your own price)
  • Sortie – Layer sorting methods for the timeline ($9.99 or name your own price)
  • Amortype – Preset for dampened text animation (free)
  • Brainstorm – Button in AE that generates multiple random settings to spark ideas (built-in)
  • YY_Ramp+ – More powerful Ramp/Gradient Ramp plugin ($39.99 or name your own price)

Cinema 4D

More Cinema 4D scripts on CG Society.

[photo by Chris Bartnik on flickr]


Hidden gems – plugins and scripts