This week on #mochat, we talked about women in motion design. We had three guest hosts— Lisa Poje, Caitlin Cadieux, and Katie Hoch—help lead the conversation.

With few exceptions, nearly everyone in the chat noted women were underrepresented in motion design and animation where they’ve worked. Some women participating also noted they’ve felt marginalized and treated differently because of their gender. Some even noted the “big boys club” atmosphere of some places they’ve worked. However, nearly everyone noticed more and more women participating in various aspects of motion design, animation, and post over the last several years.

An hour long chat is barely enough time to solve the world’s problems, but a few points stood out:

  • Guys, respect ladies (applies to life, not just motion design)
  • Don’t take crap from anyone.
  • Encourage anyone interested in animation and design to pursue it
  • In the end, men & women aren’t that different

Read on for the full transcript…

  • The motion design community is pretty awesome