This week on #mochat, we talked about surviving NAB with co-host Toolfarm, who also has their own page of extensive tips. Kylee Wall also shared her article on Creative COW for thriving at NAB. At the end of the chat, we were able to give away 5 Toolfarm t-shirts to @Motionworks, @qsjcraig, @steveHardawa, y@kyl33t, and @EllsDynamic. @FakeGreenDress was the lucky winner of a $100 Toolfarm.

Here are just some of the tips shared during the chat.

  • Monorail is your friend
  • Wear comfy shoes
  • Bring a water bottle with filter
  • Coffee lines will be really long—bring your own caffeine if you can
  • There’s a little grocery store behind the Flamingo—get snacks there
  • Cuban & Dominican places across form Sahara are cheap & good
  • WiFi & Cell service might be scarce
  • List of free WiFi hotspots
  • Bring a portable charger along with a wall charger
  • Bring a power strip & make friends
  • Be sure to visit to small booths
  • Don’t commit to too many events
  • Wear something with your Twitter handle
  • Meet people… lots and lots of people

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