This week on #mochat, we covered motion design vs. VFX. They’re separate fields, but ones with a lot of crossover between them. Several people noted VFX is much more about solving problems, whereas motion design is a way of organizing information in an aesthetic way.

Despite being involving different skill sets, sometimes people assume that because you design in After Effects, you can easily just pull a key or fix a shot. The reverse is true, too… sometimes being expected to animate a layout even though you primarily composite footage.

People also elaborate on why they choose one area over the other—or what they like about each. Reasons to like VFX work included having a specific problem to solve and pulling of magic tricks (invisible work). For motion design, people enjoyed animating, having more editorial control, or just being able to make something that looks cool.

There’s a lot of interesting comments in this week’s chat. Read on for the transcript…