This week on #mochat, we tackled inspiration. A lot of us are in the need of inspiration at one time or another… to get out of a creative block or just for enjoyment. The reasons to look for inspiration are only outnumbered by the sources out there.

Several people cited popular social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr as placed to find inspiration. Gmunk, Harry Frank, Ice Cream Hater, Neuromæncer, and Signalnoise were just a few mentioned. There’s also the standby of Vimeo and the newly launched Rndr were also mentioned.

People didn’t always want inspiration from motion design, or even digital sources, though. Films were brought up a few times, as was photography. Art installations, musems, art & design magazines, architecture… all are good ways to find inspiration by getting away from your computer.

And sometimes the best way to get inspired is to create something else. Doodling/drawing, taking photos, or playing music are all ways to get your brain working in a different way.

Read on for more sources of inspiration and how to work through ruts.

[Photo credit: “Inspiration” by Alice Popkorn]

Sources of inspiration.