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#mochat 114 – Organic & Practical Elements

This week on #mochat we discussed using organic/practical elements in motion design. Using footage or stills from the real world is a great way to add depth to your designs. Sometimes it can be the best way to accomplish certain… Continue Reading →

#mochat 113 – The Future of Motion

This week’s #mochat topic revolved around motion, and what’s in store for the future – both for the industry as a whole and the designers themselves! A very popular suggestion focused on designing for interactivity, as well as getting more… Continue Reading →

#mochat 112 – 2015 Goals

2015 has begun! This week on #mochat we talked about our goals for the year and how to accomplish them. There was a wide range of responses, everything from getting away from the computer more to finally working on that short… Continue Reading →

#mochat 103 – 2D/3D Workflow

Last night on #mochat, we talked about 2D/3D workflow and compositing. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that passes out of the 3D application of choice (depth, motion vector, object buffers, diffuse, reflection, shadow, etc) are extremely… Continue Reading →

#mochat 100 – Personal Projects

This week on #mochat, we how and why to do personal projects. We also had several giveaways. One-month Premium Lynda memberships went to @cblaylock and @NandoPenafiel_. And @aembury was the winner of a $100 AE Scripts gift card. Read on for the full transcript.

#mochat 99 – C4D R16

This week on #mochat, we discussed the recent release of Cinema 4D R16. Read on for the full transcript.

#mochat 98 – On Air with Brian Behm

This is the twitter portion of our first #mochat On Air. You can see the full video of Brian at Rooster Teeth here: http://motionleague.com/2014/09/mochat-98-on-a…ith-brian-behm/ ‎

#mochat 97 — Careers in Motion

For this week’s mochat, we talked reels! Particularly when starting out or going freelance, reels are likely the single most effective way to show clients what you can do. While it’s common to let them slip out of date when… Continue Reading →

#mochat 96 – General Chat

Unfortunately the #mochat On Air was delayed for this chat. We had a general Q&A covering everything from Cinema4D and AE tips to inspiration. Read on for the full transcript…

Introducing #mochat On Air (beta)

UPDATE: This #mochat topic has been rescheduled for September 2nd. New event page is now live. Tonight on #mochat (9PM EDT, GMT-4), Brian Behm from Rooster Teeth will be walking through some projects… and helping us test something out. Until now,… Continue Reading →

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