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#mochat 165 – Trends & Styles

Trends and styles naturally ebb and flow in any industry, and motion design is not immune. This week on #mochat, we discussed if those trends are leading to too much similarity in the industry. The discussion stayed civil as blame… Continue Reading →

#mochat 161 – Kicking Off 2016

The first #mochat of 2016! This week we talk about our goals and plans for the year, and how we can hopefully get them all done. There were lots of goals, but some common ones included making time for personal… Continue Reading →

#mochat 155 – Downtime

What are the best ways to spend your downtime, whether it’s between gigs, after hours, or even just waiting for a render.

MoChat 21 Transcript & Summary

Last night on #MoChat we talked about the business side of freelance. Some good questions were raised, as well as good tips: Be weary of clients asking for pitches. If it’s necessary, put in the minimal amount of time you’re… Continue Reading →

MoChat 17 Transcript & Summary

Last night’s MoChat covered how to give & receive feedback. Client feedback predictively had more problems than peer or third party critique. Micromanaging and making changes simply to have input were the most common complaints. On the peer side, things… Continue Reading →

MoChat 14 Transcript & Summary

Last night’s MoChat focussed on staying creative. Unsurprisingly, lots of people have times when they hit a rut, or just seem stuck in the same cycle. The reasons varied from person to person. Some of the more common reasons seemed… Continue Reading →


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