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MoChat 9 Transcript & Summary

Last night on MoChat, we talked everything AE scripts. A lot people use scripts, and had many to share. Some of the most popular included BG Renderer, ft_Toolbar, Ease & Wizz, and pt_OpenSesame. I’ve included links to every script mentioned—as… Continue Reading →

MoChat 007 Transcript & Summary

Last night, we talked all things plugins for After Effects. The official @AdobeAE account participated, as well as Steve Forde. Some 3rd party plugins that got attention of the night were: GM FoldLayers (as well as the Isolate & Zoro… Continue Reading →

MoChat 4 Transcript & Summary

This week’s MoChat on how we would improve After Effects was popular. All-in-all, there were over 400 tweets (including RTs) in the chat. Both Todd Kopriva (Product Manager – Pro Video) and Steve Forde (Product Manager – After Effects) were able to join us. There were a lot of suggestions thrown around including shape layer interaction, Xpresso-like controls for Expressions, clearer memory & multi-processing settings, and more.

MoChat 2 Transcript

Last night, we discussed Video Copilot’s new plugin Element 3D. It was a good discussion on what got us excited about the plugin and how it could fit in our workflow. Andrew Kramer himself even stopped by to answer a… Continue Reading →

First Official MoChat

Last night was the first official MoChat. This was an idea that grew out of the popular post-production chat: PostChat. Our primary topic was the new ray-tracer engine in AE CS6, but as with any chat, it bounced around a… Continue Reading →


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