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#mochat 162 – Keyframes or Simulations?

This week on #mochat we talked about keyframing and simulations. Some people definitely leaned more heavily one way or the other, but many have used both. Some available simulation plugins/software includes Newton, Particular, CC Particle World (comes with AE), MoDynamics… Continue Reading →

#mochat 85 – C4D Renderers

Our most recent #mochat covered the various rendering options in Cinema 4D. From sketch & toon to physical to Octane to V-ray, posters talk about how and why they use different render engines.

MoChat 13 Transcript & Summary

Earlier this week on MoChat, we discussed round-tripping between various apps. The most common transitions seem to be PS/AI>AE, C4D>AE, AE>NLE. Some of the highlights of the chat: Dynamic Link between AE & Premiere Pro can work well if you… Continue Reading →

MoChat 11 Transcript & Summary

Last night on MoChat, we discussed Cinema 4D plugins & scripts. Some presets snuck their way in there, too. There were quite a few handy links & plugins being tossed around. Several I had not heard of, but that’s not… Continue Reading →

MoChat 6 Transcript & Summary

Earlier this week, #MoChat covered the upcoming Cinema 4D R14. While it won’t be released until sometime in September, Maxon did release a limited demo the same day as the chat, so some people were able to play with it… Continue Reading →


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