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#mochat 88 – After Effects 13.0

This week on #mochat we got to take our questions about After Effects 13.0 directly to #TeamAdobe! Wealth of information on the latest release straight from the plabt!

#mochat 85 – C4D Renderers

Our most recent #mochat covered the various rendering options in Cinema 4D. From sketch & toon to physical to Octane to V-ray, posters talk about how and why they use different render engines.

#mochat 84 – Inspiration

Sources of inspiration.

#mochat 78 – NAB

NAB is a great place for video professionals to view soon-to-be and recently released products, take classes and see demos, and meet those people you’ve been typing to on Twitter for years. Unfortunately, not everyone can go. So we did… Continue Reading →

#mochat 77 – Fools

This week on #mochat we discussed the foolish things we’ve done in our careers. They ranged from the simple (trust auto-save) to the absurd (commenting on a ceramic rooster using a certain C-word… with the clients in the room). Read… Continue Reading →

#mochat 73 – The State of VFX Industry

This week on #mochat, we revisited the state of the VFX industry… what are the problems it’s facing and do they carry over into motion design? You might recall that last year just after the Oscars we discussed this topic…. Continue Reading →

#mochat 58 – Regular Work Hours

Last night on #mochat, Mike Florio lead a discussion on working more limited hours instead of the increasingly common 10+ hour days that many of us see. From the discussion it sounds like most of us are okay with the… Continue Reading →

#mochat 57 – Adobe AE 12.1 Talk

One of the things Adobe promised with the move to Creative Cloud as a more rapid release cycle with important, but perhaps not blockbuster features. They are definitely coming through with that promise with the upcoming release of After Effects… Continue Reading →

MoChat 29 T&S – AE 20th Anniversary w/ Andrew Kramer

Last night on #MoChat Andrew Kramer was kind enough to come out and answer questions as part of the ongoing celebration of After Effects’ 20th Anniversary. This was a whirlwind chat that even ended up getting #MoChat trending… even during… Continue Reading →

MoChat 23 Transcript & Summary

Last night on #MoChat we were fortunate enough to have Mary Poplin, Ross Shain, and Martin Brennand from Imagineer Systems with us to talk about motion tracking, and mocha in particular. If you’re not familiar with it, mocha is a… Continue Reading →


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