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#mochat 76 – NAB Survival Tips

This week on #mochat, we talked about surviving NAB with co-host Toolfarm, who also has their own page of extensive tips. Kylee Wall also shared her article on Creative COW for thriving at NAB. At the end of the chat,… Continue Reading →

MoChat 21 Transcript & Summary

Last night on #MoChat we talked about the business side of freelance. Some good questions were raised, as well as good tips: Be weary of clients asking for pitches. If it’s necessary, put in the minimal amount of time you’re… Continue Reading →

MoChat 18 Transcript & Summary

Last night on MoChat we discussed getting started with expressions in After Effects. Adobe posted links off the bat for examples and basics. As far as the go-to & first learned expressions, loopOut() and wiggle() seemed to be the most… Continue Reading →


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