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#mochat 184 – Ripoff vs Inspiration

At this #mochat we started talking about Internet culture and confusing ease of stealing with permission. Often inexperienced motion designers copy to learn but post their plagiarism online and without attribution, claiming original work. The problem didn’t come out of… Continue Reading →

#mochat 183 – Communities

Motion design is fortunate enough to offer many community options. For this week’s chat, we talked about those communities, what we get out of them, and what’s missing. Online communities mentioned include Motion Design Artists Slack, mograph.net, mixed.parts, and Creative COW among others. Each… Continue Reading →

#mochat 88 – After Effects 13.0

This week on #mochat we got to take our questions about After Effects 13.0 directly to #TeamAdobe! Wealth of information on the latest release straight from the plabt!

#mochat 57 – Adobe AE 12.1 Talk

One of the things Adobe promised with the move to Creative Cloud as a more rapid release cycle with important, but perhaps not blockbuster features. They are definitely coming through with that promise with the upcoming release of After Effects… Continue Reading →

MoChat 23 Transcript & Summary

Last night on #MoChat we were fortunate enough to have Mary Poplin, Ross Shain, and Martin Brennand from Imagineer Systems with us to talk about motion tracking, and mocha in particular. If you’re not familiar with it, mocha is a… Continue Reading →

MoChat 22 Transcript & Summary

Last night on #MoChat we discussed title design. We talked about our favorite sequences, some that didn’t fit with their films, and working on our own. Some of the favorite sequences included Catch Me If You Can, Island of Dr. Moreau, Captain America, Superman… Continue Reading →

MoChat 19 Transcript & Summary

Last night on MoChat we talked about working solo or on a team. It seems most people chatting last night fly solo, while a few work on teams. The teams tended to be pretty small with only a handful of… Continue Reading →

MoChat 14 Transcript & Summary

Last night’s MoChat focussed on staying creative. Unsurprisingly, lots of people have times when they hit a rut, or just seem stuck in the same cycle. The reasons varied from person to person. Some of the more common reasons seemed… Continue Reading →

MoChat 9 Transcript & Summary

Last night on MoChat, we talked everything AE scripts. A lot people use scripts, and had many to share. Some of the most popular included BG Renderer, ft_Toolbar, Ease & Wizz, and pt_OpenSesame. I’ve included links to every script mentioned—as… Continue Reading →

MoChat 5 Transcript & Summary

Last night, MoChat covered self-promotion and business. It was a broad topic that yielded a lot of separate conversations. Read on for some of the highlights and the full transcript.


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